Community outreach

Local Investment Equals Global Gain

A proud resident of Long Island and a recipient of federal research and development awards, Angion cherishes giving back to the local community! Our staff believes in equipping the next generation of young scientists and healthcare professionals with the tools and training required to continue the fight against disease. Every summer we open our doors to interested STEM students from across the Island as they seek to get hands-on experience with basic and applied biomedical research. Students are assigned to a Principal Investigator within the Company and spend 6-8 weeks in our state-of-the-art research facility conducting experiments, testing hypotheses, gathering and analyzing data while sharpening their presentation skills. Our staff also plays an integral role in Island, state- and nation-wide science technology engineering and medicine competitions including the Long Island Science & Engineering Fair, the Siemens Competition and the Intel Science Talent Search. And recently, we have included a seminar series on how to be successful in the highly competitive college admissions process.

Our investment may be local, but the benefit is global!