R & D

Angion discovers and develops novel treatments for acute and chronic organ injury and disease, and is currently focused on the kidney and liver. Our investigational drug BB3 is a small molecule in Phase 3 clinical trials in renal transplantation and Phase 2 clinical trials in acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery.  In preclinical models, BB3 treats renal injury of diverse origins when administered up to 24 hours after injury.  In renal transplant recipients receiving a suboptimal organ and therefore susceptible to delayed graft function, BB3 was shown in a Phase 2 study to improve several measures of renal function and to reduce need for dialysis. 

We believe that a drug that treats delayed graft function will not only increase the long-term success of renal transplants but also reduce the large and widening gap between available organs and the waiting list of end stage renal disease patients on dialysis.

We also have preclinical development programs in chronic kidney disease that include diabetic nephropathy and polycystic kidney disease.

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