Mechanism of Action

ANG-3070 is a highly selective, orally-bioavailable small molecule tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor developed internally as a potential treatment for fibrotic diseases, particularly in the lung and kidney.

ANG-3070 is an investigational product and is not approved by any regulatory authority.

ANG-3070 for the treatment of fibrosis

To date, we have focused our research efforts on the key fibrotic pathways impacted by TKIs, the intersecting nodes between these pathways, and the correlation of genomic and proteomic signatures for different types of fibrosis within these known pathways. This approach enabled us to design ANG-3070 with improved specificity and receptor-binding affinity, relative to approved TKIs, to deliver promising activity in fibrotic pathways while limiting off-target inhibition. In preclinical models and IND-enabling toxicology studies, ANG-3070 was well tolerated.

One of the most widely used models of lung fibrosis uses endotracheal administration of bleomycin, a chemotherapeutic agent, to induce fibrosis, replicating many elements of IPF. We evaluated pulmonary fibrosis using picosirius red staining, and levels of TGF-β (a pro-fibrotic cytokine) to assess ANG-3070’s effects on markers of lung fibrosis. On both measures, ANG-3070 showed significant reductions relative to vehicle.

Clinical Trials