In the fourth quarter of 2021, we reported topline results from two clinical trials of ANG-3777. The first was a Phase 3 trial of ANG-3777 to treat AKI in patients who were at risk for developing DGF. The second was an exploratory Phase 2 trial for the prevention of CSA-AKI. While neither trial achieved statistical significance on its primary endpoint, we believe ANG-3777 demonstrated biologic activity in both trials. We do not intend to continue the clinical development plan for ANG-3777 set forth in the Vifor License, which had included a Phase 3 study in CSA-AKI and a Phase 4 confirmatory study in DGF, and Angion has no funds budgeted for additional clinical trials for ANG-3777. Vifor Pharma and Angion are working to complete the planned analyses of the results of the DGF and CSA-AKI trials and continue to discuss the future of the collaboration.

Vifor Licensing Agreement

In November 2020, Vifor Pharma and Angion announced the signing of a license agreement granting Vifor Pharma global rights (excluding Greater China) to develop, manufacture, and commercialize ANG-3777 in all therapeutic, prophylactic, and diagnostic uses for renal indications, including forms of AKI, and congestive heart failure (collectively, the Renal Indications).